Warrior Custom Golf

Warrior Custom Golf

Warrior Custom Golf

Hey, who does not like a free golf club?  Well, Big Joe found this company called Warrior Custom Golf that is giving away a free lob wedge or hybrid golf club.  They do charge for shipping and handling, but its still less then $10, so that seemed like a pretty good deal.

Warrior Custom Golf is located in Irvine California, the heart of Orange County.  They have a 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility where they make the clubs right here in the good ole USA.  Big Joe likes that!

Apparently Warrior Custom Golf has been in the business a while, making custom golf clubs for novice golfers.  According to their Website, the company was founded with the intention of helping novice golfers improve their golf game.  And from what I see, Warrior Custom Golf is doing a good job at it.

So how can you get your free golf club from Warrior Custom Golf?  Just head over the Warrior Custom Golf Website and check out their custom wedge page.  There you will find a newsletter signup form.  Signup for the newsletter and they will E-mail you a special number to give their sales staff when you call them.  That entitles you to a free wedge or hybrid golf club and the choice is yours.  When you call, they will ask your dimensions.  Big Joe had to break out the tape measure to give them precise measurements.  And guess what?  Warrior Custom Golf had Big Joe’s club delivered in just under two weeks!

The club is a good value for the small shipping fee.  I’ve taken some swings with it and it feels good, especially for a big guy like myself.  I’m impressed at the quality for the cost.

By the way, the Warrior Custom Golf sales rep told me to keep an eye on my E-mail since they run special offers all the time.  According to her, Warrior Custom Golf is working on a new design of golf clubs.  Even if you do not want another club at the moment, it may be worthwhile to get on their list to be notified of sales at a later date.

Warrior Custom Golf also has some other Warrior products on their Website as well.  I see they make golf bags, golf balls, sunglasses, and more.  All the Warrior Custom Golf gear one could possibly imagine.

If you know of a good golf deal, please be sure to let Big Joe know!


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